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Volunteer / Employee

of the Month  2020 

July - August - September

- 3rd Quarter -


Don Thomas_July_2020.jpg

Don Thomas

Don has served as Page One's Chaplain helping our clients deal with their situation. He was instrumental in developing our Outreach program which delivers food every month to those over 60. Currently, he and his team are delivering to nearly 90 families each month. This has eased the pressure on the food pantry crews. We are thankful for his initiative and resourcefulness. He is truly a great volunteer. We are glad to have him volunteering for us



Aiden Campbell

 Aidan has been helping his grandfather pick up food from Food Lion on Sundays for Page One. He has been a faithful helper for over 5 years. He does this not just because he gets some credit from his school but because he has a good work ethic and feels a need to help others. He helps Grampy with stacking the boxes in the store, loading them in the car and then removing them at the Food Pantry. Grampy does the weighing and later helps distribute them to the proper location along with Aidan. The Sunday
pickup is important because the Food Bank
manager is not available on weekends and Food Lion has a number of boxes of food for Page One every day. Aidan is 16 now and big and strong like his father. A hearty thank you for Aidan for your dedicated service.


Sept 2020Sherman22.jpg

Victoria Sherman

Victoria has volunteered at Page One for many years. She has worked in most areas - sorting, pantry, thrift store, and is now a cashier at the Treasure's Thrift Shop. She enjoys working and helping people. She is very conscientious and goes out of the way to be friendly and helpful. Victoria has spent lots of time arranging the displays and maintains a very attractive shop. She is a credit to Page One.

Thank you Victoria.

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