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Volunteer / Employee
of the Month  2020
January ~ February ~ March



Joanna (2).png

Joanna Pleasants

   Joanna has volunteered at Page One for over 6 years. She says Volunteering gets her out of the house and keeps her active. Joanna is a jack-of-all-trades -- she cashiers at Treasures Thrift regularly and at the Boutique when needed. Joanna often works at the Family Assistance Office, filling in wherever she is needed. You may be surprised that Joanna also drives our box truck for pick-ups and deliveries of all kinds. She has also helped take homeless clients to shelters around the area. Joanna says that she doesn't know whether she has more sympathy for our clients or for those helping the clients, because it's frustrating that you can't always help everyone in the ways that they need help. She always appreciates the "Thank-Yous" she gets and the appreciation shown by clients and customers alike. We are blessed having Joanna as a Volunteer here at Page One. Thanks to Joanna!

Phyllis Robertson.png

Phyllis Robertson

   Phyllis has been managing the 

Shenandoah Location for 33 years.  She enjoys working with

people and does a great job serving her community.  Phyllis is very active in her church and community functions. We appreciate the wonderful job Phyllis and her volunteers are doing for Page One's clients.


Boutique Team.JPG

Boutique Crew

    The entire crew at the Boutique are recognized this month as the Volunteer of the Month because they have taken
this new facility to the highest level. The Boutique has been in its new location just a month and already it
exceeds our expectations.
Sales are up significantly because of the attractive displays this crew has developed. Sales are also up because
of the quality of items we have received, the available parking and consequently the crowds who have visited the
store. Our thanks to Jeff and Mary Turner, Frankie Shackleford, Shirley Comer, Gaile Brubaker and Marie Kemp
(missing in the photo) who collectively have made the store into something we are proud of.

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